I won a grant for my Words in Motion Project, where I present, perform, and distribute poetry on the buses and at the Transportation Center serving Steuben and Chemung Counties of New York State. Grateful and excited in this expanding, now!.

Dec 24: Notified that I won!


Poetry Readings and Poem Distribution at the Elmira Transportation Center (and on) and through the Chemung County Transit System (operations include Steuben County Transit System, Corning-Erwin Area Transit System)

„ Present poetry readings on Chemung County Transit System buses (also services Steuben)

„ Present poetry readings at the Elmira Transportation Center bus station

„ Place poem placards on buses in ad spaces.

„ Hand out single poem cards or booklets as a part of reading performances

„ Create poem booklets, and poem cards of handmade paper using local wild plants for free public distribution

Audience will be regional bus riders (800,000 use Chemung County Transit System annually) and those at the Elmira Transportation Center (intra and interstate buses)


Where I live "everyone" drives. My city has 12,000 people and is surrounded by towns that resemble either suburbs or certain mythic Twilight Zone sets: the gas station across the street from the white, bell towered church and a big general store in the square. Down the road a piece is a major mall and a consumer square and we're nestled among hills iin this Chemung Valley.

So the buses are critical for folks who must travel for certain services--- the grocery stores aren't in easy walking distance for most and definitely shopping for any other than food goods is only reached by some vehicle.

Students ride and the poor or infirm elderly, and those without a car. The Transportation Center in the city of Elmira (mentioned in the Twilight Zone episode where the woman sees her doppelganger in the bus station!! So amazing for me to be in and near a place I thought was made up as a kid!) is a hub for buses making their way from larger metros to smaller ones and vice versa. The city of Elmira (which resembles a city as I envision city) has more urban features-- more multiple unit dwellings,theatres, more restaurants, industry, office buildings and many more people.

The buses there are a regular part of the landscape.

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Prayer for Amadou
fused, kiln cast, and sandblasted glass, Akua Lezli Hope, 2000