Akua Lezli Hope
23"W X 28"H
Kiln-formed shield with kiln-cast glass, branches, flameworked glass beads, flax, fiber, copper,and Pacific stones. The house structure of the sculpture is made of overbeaten flax decorated with yellow gold and gold metallic thread wrapped around branches formed into a shelter.

The angled branches form a five-prong top. The prongs are adorned with a 2" diam. ridged, flat, circular, transparent brown-amber (flameworked) glass bead, a copper wire spiral, a copper wire coil, and between the remaining two prongs, a tiny hammock of gold flecked flax. This structure sits above a triangular glass floor constructed of fused float glass pieces with various inclusions.

The inclusions are a copper wire spiral, copper triangle, red and green glass enamels. The floor has seven Pacific Ocean stones and a blue-purple (Bullseye irid) kiln-fused figurative piece adhered to it. The House is tethered to its glass floor by copper wire wrapped through the three openings in the glass and around its legs.

When my mother died, bluegreen came into my life. I made a series of paper vessels called the skysea series.

So in Spirit House I want to figure the sky and sea, the above and the below, the transparency/translucency between realms. Glass, as a rigid liquid, holds within it the idea of barrier, container, sea and earth, the fixed and flowing, appreciating the green of the floor/base glass and amending it.

Spirit House signifies/holds all the traditional ŇelementsÓ: earth/rock, sea/water, metal, wood, fire(in forming its floor) wind (made evident in the movement of the lightning rods/antennae). The floor interacts with light and yet has opacity . As with the flax, a wonderful fiber that offers strength and translucency. This House aims to be a shield and signifier, to be a place for Spirit to rest, to shelter, to make good manifest.

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SoulShip, sandcast glass, copper, Akua Lezli Hope, 2000