Curriculum Connections

for Papermaking




                  Practice communicating ideas using different media



Social Studies



                                    "Their use of paper extends from documents, books, artworks and origami, to ceremonies and spiritual rituals,  housing, woven shifu and momigami clothing, laquered vessels of woven or laminated  paper, lanterns, umbrellas, even cooking food (for ex. poaching fish in paper wrappers"


                  World history- the spread of papermaking

" how slowly the discovery of paper traveled out of China, due first to the secrets of creating such a

valuable commodity to the lack of communication to the modes of travel over difficult  terrain."

                  American History

                                    Colonial crafts and roles

                                    First papermakers and independence

                                    the rise of wood

Agrihistory- the role of flax, the demise of flax in America

                  the demise of cotton in America

The role of cotton

Mummies for rags



                  Visual Art form use of space



Creating a visual support for written text to better convey a story



              Electromechanical attraction

                  Hydrogen bonds




                  Plant structures

"ionic attraction of pigments to fibers is such a wonderfully graphic way to  illustrate that scientific subject. (It was explained to me that it is not really a magnetic attraction...)  Science teachers I have worked with were thrilled because it  is a difficult thing to demonstrate.  I love using ultramarine blue pigment because it is  almost fool proof in its behavior.  Guaranteed results!"


(Comments from artist and papermaker

Catharine Nash)