On Armature for Pulp Paper and Papier Maché.

are the challenge of pulp paper and paper maché.

Three dimensional object creation requires a support
or substructure until
the paper pulp dries and hardens.

My desire is to reuse waste.....
and the challenge is to not create more waste
in the process nor destroy already existing forms..

Hence the challenge. I avoid lost forms..... that is forms
that are absorbed by the work, unless the lost form is
of a material that would be discarded: specifically used
plastic and cans destined for trash.

My use of lost forms is limited.
They weight the work. Pulp paper maché
loses weight as it loses water. It also shrinks as it dries.

This shrinkage is another challenge in the search for armatures:
foam, glass and metal aren't useful forms because the pulp shrinks
around them. Only when they are open enough to place the pulp
within them are they useful.

I enjoy the discovery of news ways
for the pulp to follow yet discover
its own form.When the shred trash fibers,
soaked and torn, wrung and mashed
with paste reconnect and make new shapes
in our transitory space.

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