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Poets are the unofficial legislators of the world.
To paraphrase Auden, we make no/thing happen.
We offer mirrors on the world.
We write and speak toward clarity, truth, change.
I create to encode the African American urban technopeasant mythos, to heal, and to make good manifest.

Through the Fire Shield, kiln cast glass, Akua Lezli Hope, 2001

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Prayer for Amadou,fused, kiln cast, and sandblasted glass, Akua Lezli Hope, 2000

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Twitter: akualezli

Arts & Culture: Diversity Dialogue
Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts in New York State's Southern Tier
My essays in that series

My Recent Appearances in Print

My Soul to His Spirit Black Daughters Writings on their Fathers, edited by Melda Potts

Summer (5 haiku) in Knocking on the Silence, Finger Lakes anthology edited by donaa Marbach, Foot hills Publishing

Sunday Drive/Black in Appalachia in Two Voices, Two Pages contest Geva Theatre and Writers and Readers, December 13, 2004 theatre reading/performance of work

Beginner's Guide to Papermaking by Heidi Reimer-Epp and Mary Reimer, (D&S, England, 2003)

The Years' Best Writing, April 2003, Writer's Digest Guides

Moon Journal, Fall Winter 2002 Volume VII/ Issue 2, Arlington Heights, IL

Poems For All September 2002
164. Freedom
165. Not final, Just Next

Making Art With Glass

My new and evolving joy is making objects out of glass. Glass blowing, lampworking/flameworking beads, slumping and fusing glass, and sandcasting/direct furnace casting glass are the techniques I study. Some of the iconography I developed for paper, I've replicated in glass. A number of my paper constructs include my handmade glass beads.

Making Jewelry

Wire offers me fascinating opportunities to make wearable art. It is the calligraphic dance of line that my drawing hand never managed. It is the cradle and partner for my beads. And my glass beads have offered me the fulfillment of design and of evolving self ornamentation.

Hand Papermaking and Papier Maché

My griefwork had been through the medium of recycled paper. Where words did not work, my hands and eyes did. That led me to new realms of experience: texture, fiber and the infinite bounty of the earth. When flowers leave, their bodies yield another harvest. Here are my discoveries, comments, and sources that I have found.


I've created my first and second' zines on hand papermaking: Introduction to Hand Papermaking (May 2003) and Handmade Beads of Handmade Paper (July 2003). Info here.

My book,was awarded a book prize by Writer's Digest in 1996.
It is also available as an audiocassette tape.
Select here to hear a poem from it (Telegram from Topeka stuffed/compressed to 121k) or read about ArtFarm Press.

Select here to order your own copy of EMBOUCHURE from ArtFarm Press or to request information on ArtFarm's other offerings.

My short lit bio is available, as is my full literary resumé, art resumé and artist statement.

I welcome your thoughts and information on other:

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Thanks for visiting Akua Lezli Hope's webpage.
I hope to hear from you again soon.
I wish you and yours an abundance of creativity, health, peace, prosperity, and joy.

P.P.S. I am ever in search of: wisdom, prosperity, information on paper making, free travel to warm places, sustainable and renewable sources of energy, great music, beautiful yarn, compelling SF and other fiction, inexpensive saxophone repair, glassmaking equipment, Moretti glass, and opportunities to sing.... among other joyous, affirming things. Want to trade? Check out my list.

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Updated October, 2013, another year of loss and survival

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